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The Wedding Process

What to Expect
All brides are concerned about how things will work on their wedding day, but I believe the job of a wedding photographer is more than just capturing their big day. I believe my mission is to help all brides have a wonderful wedding experience — everything from the planning stage to the album design. Because it is so easy to become overwhelmed with all the moving pieces, I want to spend a few minutes and explain how I work and how I help make the wedding process as smooth as possible.

From the first time we get together to discuss your wedding I’ll be showing you everything involved in planning, capturing and displaying your images. We’ll talk about the tools I use, the online gallery where your photos will be hosted, your wedding album options, and anything else you want to know. I want you to feel comfortable with the process, and I want you to be involved in every aspect of making beautiful images. But most importantly, I want you to have a great and unique experience.

The Initial Meeting
When you contact me, we’ll setup a meeting in my office to go over your expectations and see which wedding package fits your vision. I’ll show you my albums and my web gallery to give you a good idea about the quality of service and products you will receive. We’ll get to know each other, and I’ll answer any questions you have. Once you decide that you really like me (and me, you) we might cheer for a minute and say our goodbyes, but not for long because we’ll soon setup our first appointment — The Wedding Day Planning!

The Planning
Because I want to take amazing pictures, I need to make sure there is enough time for photography during your wedding day. You and I will meet about 3 months before your wedding to go over your timeline. I’ll ask you a thousand questions to make sure everything is on track, and we’ll make sure there is enough time to capture every important moment of your wedding day. You’ll come out of my office with a very good idea about what has been done, what still needs to be done, and when everything should happen. Many brides find that talking through everything with me really helps them put the finishing touches on planning their perfect day.

The Wedding!!!
Your big day is finally here! I’ll enter your room as you are about to gracefully slide into your wedding dress (don’t worry, that never happens), and I’ll stay until the cake is cut and your bouquet is thrown. Brian and I will be there to record every special moment and the unexpected ones as well. We’ll also be there for you if you need a break, a bite to eat, or even rain boots and a sweater (yes, that has happened). Our goal is to make sure you are taken care of while taking amazing photos.

The Grand Reveal
So you got married, and everything went smashingly well, and now you think this is over? Nope! My favorite part has yet to happen, and that is the grand photo reveal. About three weeks after the wedding, I’ll invite you over to my home to show you your photos and have dinner with us. Maybe you’ll even get to sample Brian’s delicious beer on tap! I’ll have a video slideshow of your best moments for you to watch, and then I’ll leave you alone so you can look at all of your photos. And then we’ll have dinner (because I also love to cook for my friends)! We’ll talk about your wedding, your favorite moments, and all the things that made your day awesome. On that night, I’ll send you the links to your video and your photo galleries so you can share your pictures with your family and friends. We’ll also setup an appointment for my second favorite thing ever — designing your wedding album!!

Album Making Time!
We’ll sit at my giant computer screen and create your album together. We’ll pick out the cover material and colors and the page thickness, and then we’ll design each page. Once we are done (it usually takes 2 hours), I’ll send you the proofs so you can go home and review them with fresh eyes. When everything is set, I’ll order your album and any other products you want. The album should take a maximum of four weeks to be produced. Each album is unique and handmade and absolutely beautiful. I’ll deliver your album to you, and at that point, this will be the end of our journey. I know, it’s sad.

We will have spent many hours together, and by that time you will know me (and my family) so well that we will probably see each other again. Maybe we will go to dinner, or go skiing, or go to a beer tasting together. And you will probably have experienced Sarah’s happy personality, Sophie’s book of jokes, and our English Bulldog’s loving hugs.

I am very excited to get to know you, work with you and help you make your ideal wedding day come true. Let’s set up an appointment!

My wedding packages is $3200. They all include Brian and I for 8 hours and a beautiful wedding album. See my Wedding Prices page for more details.