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Annabelle's Philosophy

Epic - Daring - Art

There is, inside each of us, a light that demands to be let out and shine.

I have often seen people get buried under life, to a point where they forgot who they were, and they woke up one day and wondered what happened to them. The threads that made up the fabric of their soul disappeared under the warm and cozy blanket of jobs, families, responsibilities - life itself.

My intention in every shoot is to bring out that light. My intent is that you forget, just for one moment, about the coziness of your life and work on bringing out what makes you who you are. We are going to create YOUR images, using your UNIQUEness.

My philosophy is to help you get this light through to the world by allowing you to follow your vision. We will channel your inner-creator through my lens to make your inner-world come to life.

Your session (whether it is a wedding or fine art session) will be epic, daring and artistic.

The epic is the shiver that runs through your body when an idea gets you so excited that you go “Yes! Yes!! This is going to be so much fun!!” We want your experience to be epic, and you and I will look at your final image and go ".......Wow. That was awesome." Your epic images will let the real you shine through, whether you are a leader, a dreamer, a lover or an entertainer. Your epic image will be anything but a traditional portrait.

The most fun you will ever have in a photo shoot is by working with me on creating something completely off the beaten path. Why just pose and smile? Let’s use the shoot as an excuse to do something that you have never done before and turn it into an experience. Your epic images will come directly from doing something outside of your comfort zone.

Most people are not artists, but everyone can be creative. If you have made it this far into my website, it probably means that you are attracted by the artistic side of what I do. Whether you are contacting me for your wedding or your fine art portrait, you and I will work on your vision and turn your images into art that you can display on your wall. Having a vision is an essential part of the images and we will spend quite some time refining it. Then we will throw the epic and daring factors into the mix. The end result will be beautiful artwork that you will be proud to display.